# 43 Night Trek to Gorakhgad on 3rd December 2016

# 16 Trek to Chanderi through waterfall route on 2nd August 2015

About: Amidst the lush green vegetation surrounding the mountain ranges of Nakhind and Mhasmaal, Chanderi Fort emerges like a masterpiece crafted with nature’s best hands. Situated at a height of 2,330 ft, the hill fort, now in ruins, offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area as well as presents one of the toughest trek routes around Mumbai.Although worth mentioning as the jewel in the crown of forts in the district of Raigad, there is no significant history attached to this fort. Near the caves on the fort are visible some remnants of fortification. This is the only sign to designate Chanderi as a fort. Chanderi is famous for water streams and its difficult route. In monsoon route gets thrilling with water flow and tricky. History: In May 1656 Shivaji Maharaj conquered all the territory up to kalyan-Bhivandi-rairi. This was when this fort came under the rule of Marathas. Lack of development, Low water storage areas, absence of significant constructions, limited facilities for peop…

# 15 Trek to Sagargad on 26th July 2015

About: Sagargad's history is closely tied to that of the other coastal garrisons in the vicinity of Alibaug - Khanderi, Colaba, Revdanda, Chaul, and Underi. During the course of time, the fort's list of keepers has included the Satvahan, Moryas from the Konkan, Chalukyas, Shilahara Dynasty, Bahamanis, the Sultan of Gujarat, Nizamshahi of Ahmednagar, Portuguese, Marathas, Mughals and the British. According to legend, a subterranean escape tunnel runs from Sagargad to the Colaba island fort, several kilometres away in Alibag. Trek Schedule: Pick Up points: @ Dadar TT – Pritam Da Dhaba – 05.30 am. @ Vashi - 06.45 am. Tentative Schedule: 05:45 am: Departure from Dadar. 07.50 am: Breakfast 09:00 am: Start Ascend 11:15 am: On Top 11:15-01:15 pm: Explore, Rest and Lunch 01:15 pm: Descend (If time permits then will visit Dhondane waterfall) 03:30 pm: Base Village 04:00 pm: Departure for Mumbai We’ll reach Dadar by 07.00 pm (Tentative).

# 17 Trek to Dudhsagar waterfall on 15th-16th August 2015

Dudhsagar Highlights: Magnificent View of Dudhsagar Waterfall. 12 kms walk through Railway track with Beautiful Nature Train passes through a fall, Memorable for Photography Famous spot in Chennai Express Movie India’s fifth tallest waterfall and is 227th in the world at 310 m About: The magnificent Dudhsagar Waterfall is perched in the high peaks of the Western Ghats and is a sight to behold especially in the monsoons when it is in full and furious flow. From a distance, the waterfall appears like streams of milk rushing down the mountainside. The exuberant and spectacular waterfall is located in the Sanguem taluka.

Measuring a mighty 600m from head to foot, this waterfall on the Goa-Karnataka border, attracts a steady stream of visitors from the coast into the rugged Western Ghats. After pouring across the Deccan plateau, the headwaters of the Mandovi River form a foaming torrent that splits into three streams to cascade down a near-vertical cliff face into a deep green pool.

The Kon…

# 18 Trek to Manikgad fort on 23rd August 2015

About: This fort was built by Bhoj Raja to keep eye on Alibag Khopoli Route. In 1657, Shivaji Maharaj conqured this fort and took it under Maratha region. In Purandar Treaty Maratha’s handed over Manikgad to Moghuls. In 1713, Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre took this fort from Shahu Maharaj. The fort was used as a watch tower and offers a commanding view from top. Meeting Point: Activity Schedule: Train Time: Karjat (S) Slow Local CST: 5:18am                        Byculla : 5:26                      Dadar : 5:36 Kurla : 5:47                          Ghatkopar : 5:53                  Thane : 6:13 Dombivali : 6:36                    Kalyan : 6:46                       Bhivpuri : 7.30am. Tentative Schedule: 08.00am: Will have tea-b/f and will move by local vehicle to base village. 09.20 am: With an intro round will start ascend. 12.15 pm: With reach on top and explore surrounding. 01.15 pm: Lunch. 02.00 pm: Move towards base village. 04.35 pm: back to base village.

# 14 Trek to Sondai on 12th July 2015

About: The fort is situated 8-10 km away from Karjat Railway Station. A temple of Sondai Devi, few water cisterns and an amazing view of Morbe dam and a surrounding region can be seen from top. It was probably used as a watch tower. We can see forts like Prabalgad, Irshal, Rajmachi, Dhak, Peth, Songiri etc. from top. It can be reached easily in 1.5 to 2 hrs from the base village of Sondewadi. Meeting Point: @Karjat Station: 7.38 am Please catch Karjat Slow Local with your return ticket from your respective destination: CST 5.19 am        Dadar 5.37 am         Kurla 5.48 am    Thane 6.14 am Dombivali 6.36 am       Kalyan 6.45 am    Neral 7.22 am       Karjat 7.38 am Tentative schedule: 09.00 am: Will Reach to base village. 09.30 am: With an intro round will start trek. 11.30 am: Will reach to top & explore surrounding. 12.30 pm: Lunch. 01.30 pm: Start Descend. 03.30 pm: Back to Sonewadi village. 04.30 pm: Back to Karjat.